The sky the limit for Razzamataz Carlisle!

The sky’s the limit for our charity fundraisers


A huge well done to our amazing team of students, staff and parents for taking part in our charity skydive. So far, the total amount raised is in the region of £5,000!

“I never really wanted to do a skydive but one of my students suggested it so I thought, why not,” says Debbie, Principal of Razzamataz Carlisle. “I wasn’t that worried initially but on the night before I couldn’t sleep and I really did feel scared. The day was wonderful, we had beautiful weather and there were actually professional skydivers performing on that day. Once they call your name everything happens very quickly and you realise there is no backing out of it! I was excited and scared all at the same time but it is an incredible experience to feel like you are flying and I just wanted to take it all in and savor the moment.”

Meet our heroes

Amelia Postlethwaite, a Senior student at Razzamataz Carlisle who also roped in her boyfriend, Sam Tunnicliff. Amelia was fundraising for the Hospice and Sam for Cancer Research. Robyn Falder, senior student at Razzamataz Carlisle joined the team to raise money for the Future Fund and the Macmillan Nurses in memory of her grandad. Kim Ullyart, mother of senior student Sophie, was fundraising for the Future Fund and the fire fighters’ charity that she works for, a charity close to her heart as her grandad was a fire fighter. Sarah Harkness, proud parent of Razz Inters student Maizie, was fundraising for CRY, the Cardiac Risk in the Young charity. Although a very fit and active teen, Sarah’s older brother Garry died at just 14 years old. Sarah is fundraising to help prevent tragedies like these happening to other families. Amy Thompson, Razzamataz Carlisle classroom assistant and former student raised money for Future Fund. Dad Dougie Johnstone, parent of Razz Inters student Evie, will be fundraising for the Future Fund and has got lots of friends and family supporting. The second dad to join the team was classroom assistant Brittany’s dad David. The final member of the team was Debbie.

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A huge thank you to everyone who has contributed in anyway to our fundraising and of course a huge thank you to our skydive superheroes for their courage and commitment to the fundraising and the event. What will 2019s challenge be???

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